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Haltwhistle Film Project

Inspiring People and Communities Through Film

Theatrical and Related Work

Haltwhistle Film Project has worked with many theatrical partners in its 15 years
We always welcome new partnerships
See also some of our Non-narrative film work


Sill to Sea

Haltwhistle Arts and Headway Arts, in Blyth are about to start a year-long project exploring Northumbrian Folk Tales through theatre and film – Sill to Sea. We are working with The Sill, National Landscape Centre, near the Roman Wall and will explore how stories emerge from and are influenced by landscape. Performances, archives, across Northumberland


Film and Animations: gamelan orchestra performances, GongFest

Trailer for Miscreation Theatre production Love and Red Tape

We sometimes work with London-based Set Designer Berta Jones. Here’s her The Experimental Failures of Professor Philip Philopovich  stop-frame animation.  

Developed to characterise the movement of the sad creatures Professor Philipovich creates accidentally in her adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s Heart of a Dog.   This animation was largely influenced by a fascination with the Czech filmmaker and artist Jan Svankmajer.  Screened at the HMV Curzon digital cinema, London (2011) See more of her work at:           http://www.albertajones.com/

Summer 2019 we are working with Prism Arts  Studio Theatre West Coast on a part-animated film about John Dalton, one of the fathers of atomic theory, and the theatrical work Prism have created about his life and work.

Haltwhistle Film Project and Prism Arts worked with innovative Kendal physical theatre company The Knotted Project on a 3-day joint venture with Youth Theatre at Brewery Arts in Kendal.

Dragon’s Lantern excerpt – projection and Georgian street theatre in Cockermouth:

For nearly 15 years we’ve worked with Humshaugh  Theatre Group and Maurice Gilmour, who wrote the book on education and Shakespeare. 

Projecting the Projectors

The Projectors is a theatre group for young people with autism. We have worked with them a few times over the last five years. We are starting a project examing the idea of self  through live drama and film (iWill Social Action Programme)

Junk & Judy

Phase I completed:

Junk and Judy is going outside. This summer at the Schwitters Merzbarn site in Langdale, Cumbria, the story grew during a 10d Residency.  We did test shooting of the golek puppets in the wonderful grounds of the Littoral Estate, Trustees of the Schwitters legacy.

Two cultures with missing parts. A woman inherits a run-down junk shop  from her estranged father. We’ve completed Phase I (thanks to Arts Council England) and are planning Phase II  so we can take Junk and Judy, a theatrical performance with live drama, puppetry and digital projections animations and more on the road. Musicians Mark Newport and Chris Stones have created original music across the two cultural traditions.  The story has changed, and we are exploring animations in between live action scenes.

Test clips:

About Phase I: