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Haltwhistle Film Project

Inspiring People and Communities Through Film



We are always running several projects mainly across the North-East and Cumbria.  If you have an idea – get in touch.

The Projectors Youth Theatre – ( Youth Social Action Fund  2018)

Evaluation film for Prism Arts, Cumbria

Weardale is now officially Weird Dale.  Find out why here…

Berta Jones’s look at experiments gone wrong

A couple of projects from our work with people with learning disabilities (See FilmAble our learning disability production company)

The West Coast Project ran during 2013 and involved many schools, Day Centres and other organisations across West Cumbria.  The project was in partnership with Prism Arts.  A final screening event was held at the Kirkgate Centre in Cockermouth.  This film was devised and made by pupils from Mayfield SEN Physical and Sensory Specialist School in Whitehaven.

The Magical Morphers and the Dream Vortex was made with Theatre Skills Carlisle (Prism Arts) and is a version of a story they will be performing at MintFest in Kendal in August 2014.  The group built a model village for the first part of the tale.

A few of our past projects 

A short film about hen harriers for the national RSPB Skydancer Project ; a two-year pilot programme to develop training materials for care and support workers across the North-east and Cumbria ; Raspberry Pi for the Eyes and Ears – Coding for the Arts.  And we just filmed some historical re-enactments by The Deja Crew at a school in Northumberland…and more…and more…

  • Winner: KidsForKids National Animation
    Best Film  Haydon Bridge Y.C.
  • Stupendoscope (UK Film Council, First Light)
  • Halty Job (UK Film Council, First Light)
  • The Gem (UK Film Council, First Light)
  • Yarr Me Hearties! (UK Film Council, First Light)
  • Interplay (Arts Council)
  • Self Portrait UK
  • When I’m 64 (Heritage Lottery)
  • Coast to Coast (European Year of Disabled People)
  • Extreme Ads (Northern Film & Media)
  • Coronary Heart Disease (Local Network Fund)
  • Dont Forget The Chicken (South Tyne Valley Fund)
  • Byrness Where? (NFM, Leader Plus)