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Raspberry Pi for the Eyes and Ears

Coding for Art, for Everything


These children have now taught coding for Art and Music to nearly 100 other children in 7 primary schools.  A different group has started to tackle electronics through Pi and Python (bottom) with the longer term aim of making machines that make art

Check out – A Day @ Benton Park Primary with Sam Aaron     Inventor of Sonic Pi

And in other places….See us on Tyne Tees (below) and hear us on BBC Radio 4  Futurespeak


Raspberry Pi for the Eyes and Ears addresses the problem many primary schools are having with providing coding as part of the curriculum  This project supports schools to get started using coding for music and art. The coding children learn shows them all the structures, syntax, language  and good practise they need to become coders for any purpose, not only art.

Starting with a Box of Stuff

We ran a Raspberry Pi and Python Controlling Electronics course, funded by Benton Park Primary School in Newcastle, with pupils new to coding and electronics

     Here are some preparations and excerpts from the first performance – Read about it HERE in Chronicle Live
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